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Birthdate:Mar 14
hello, I'm Trausio, and this would be my personal journal.

I'm 36 years old, and I belong to a multiple system known as the Scarlet Phoenix Collective. There are several people who use this body, however this journal is mine, and mine alone.

This does not mean I will not talk of my head mates/system mates, whatever you wish to call them, as some of them are very dear to me and are considered loves of mine. It only means that they will not be the ones writing here; I will.

I'm the keeper, the holder, and the carrier of the Scarlet phoenix inn, I belong to several deities which include, but are not limited to Tyraelia, Coralusa and Taliesin. I also have working (Or similar) relationships with a handful of others (Hello Loki?). I am also being eyed by one or two others. I work within several pantheons, but the main ones I work with at this time are the celtic, the norse and the greek, though some of the deities I've mentioned here are not of those three but are of crossworld ties.

I do a good bit of crossworld and otherworld work that may or may not involve deities, and may like as not fall into the "woojie" catagory.

I am of elven stock and am pretty much proud of it (Though down here I don't show it) and am a very good singer/dancer/fighter despite not being able to see in either of my two bodies (The one I inhabit and my elven one.

As for the more mundane, I am employed as a print to Braille Transcriber,, I enjoy singing, reading and writing, making friends, listening to music and a variety of other things.

This will be a place where I write about myself candidly both on the mundane level and on the otherworld level, so expect the interweaving of the two. If you've come here you probably already know, but expect anything out of this journal.

Feel free to drop a comment telling me how I know you or why I should add you, though I will be picky on who I add, if you give me a reason why I should add you other than that you are a friend of so-and-so (Though that will raise you a bit) I will more than likely do so. Note that I do retain the right to politely refuse.

Enjoy your stay
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