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It starts out slow, it does, with the unfurling of the wings, and the testing of the wind. The wind that whips playfully around the feathers and laughs through the hair.

I may well have laughed as I threw my head into the wind to test its direction, and I heard an answering mental chuckle from those around me as I continued to unfurl my wings and slowly bend my knees to begin the movement.

It is an undulating one as I begin my ascent up the hill, at a slow pace, at first, then picking up as I run further and further up the hill, and slowly straighten my legs. If one listens closely, they might be able to catch just the edges of a conversation going on in my head as well as the heads of my flying companions.

My pace quickens to a jog, and now my wings are picking up some wind and resistance so that they must needs be held away from the body and begin to curve inward to catch the wind and not pull my body over in the process. The sun is to my right now, and I mark my position on the hill by the way it feels on my face, my body, and on my wing. I need to veer to the left, but only slightly. I need to be just in the center...

Now I am very nearly running, and my wings are held even more away from my torso, and are curving just that much more to catch the updraft from the motion of my body, so that the momentem I am ganing will help launch me skyward. Someone watching from below will see me beginning to sort of stretch out now as I move, so that it looks as if I am half off the hill, when in fact I am not at all that way.

The laughter and cheering can be heard more clearly now, and the images I catch of my companions in flight steal my breath away for a long, yet brief moment. It is an honor to fly with these magnificent creatures. Creatures of wind and of feather and of a fierce compassion that not everyone is privy to, nor is just anyone allowed to see.

Now it *is* an outright run for I have reached the point in the hill where it is the steepest, and needs the most strength to climb. This is where most fliers caught unawares would lose momentem, or lose strength, or simply tire out...it is not many who are allowed to use this launching mound, and I feel it a truly great honor that I am one of those allowed to do so.

My wings are nearly curved in half now, catching all the wind they can, catching all the air they can...

Just before I leap to my toes and push off the topp of the mound using the momentem of the run and the strength of my legs to launch myself. I seem to hang in mid air for what seems like an eturnity before my wings snap straight again and my wild cry of joy brakes the silence of the clearing as I soar on a thermal to join my waiting audience and sllide in among the eagles I may now call friend.

**this entry is written for LJ idol**
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